Type in the user ID up to 63 characters. Netware Settings, Netware Parameters [C] clear key, and then use the key- pad to type in the value between 1 and Select the template type, and then click the [Next] button. Ftp Tx Enter the proxy server port number input range: The selected buttons are highlighted, and the selected destinations are listed under “Broadcast Destinations”. Page 86 Why is the Direct Input tab not displayed?

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If the width to be erased is specified using the Book Erase functions in the Book Scanning screen, the same value is set for the “Erase” function on the Application screen. For specifying the file name, refer to “Specifying e-mail settings” on page Page To cancel changes to the setting, touch [Cancel].

The Address1 screen appears. The selected condition is set.

Using TWAIN Scan

Select the size and direction of the photo to be Scanned, and then touch [OK]. Use the keyboard that appears in the touch panel to type in the write community name. The SMB screen appears. Then type in the i. The data can be stored even if the power is turned off. Enter the scaner number input range: Page Scanning documents Can an address that is directly entered be registered in the address book? The user password is set. Select [v1] when the Samba service is operating a server over a network.


Abbreviation for Comma Separated Values. You can select the index type that is displayed in the address book. Specify whether to allow the print function.

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Page Enter the community name for reading and writing. A page for selecting the transmission mode appears. Page – Schedule setting Page Page – To specify the notification address sett Touch [OK], and then touch [OK] in the next screen that appears. Page of Go.

For specifying komica box administrator settings, refer to User manual [Box Operations]. Page Date of the Month Enter the date of the month for sending the schedule.

Page 55 Press the [Start] key on the control panel. In the Administrator Setting screen, touch [5 Network Setting]. Item Description Custom Item List Displays the custom items, button name, and default value if a template was selected. Note The displayed information varies depending on the registered information.


If “auth-password” is selected, enter the password only in auth-password. Printer Information Type in the printer name up to characters.

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Click the [OK] button. To specify the original settings Touch [Scan Settings] in the Scan mode screen. Application Registration Note An application can be registered only when the following two conditions are met.

Enter the NDS server tree name and context name.

Specifying settings from the control panel To create annotation user boxes In the Administrator Setting screen, touch [3 One-Touch Registration]. Page 85 Press the [Start] key on the control panel. Note The number of scannsr that can be input in the default value may vary depending on the function that was selected.