Comments and forum messages are owned by the Poster. This is what you get.. All values returned are 16 bit values, and the list is terminated with null 0x The two first words of the returned list always reads as 0xA55A 0X5AA5 in order to guarantee that a reply from a drive not supporting this command correctly isn’t mistaken for a feature list. An example feature list could be: Thanks must also be passed to all the other guys at xboxhacker.

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And now some technical stuff DSi FlipNote exploit released.

An example could be a disc allowing playback in region 2 and 4 players, which would make the drive change it’s region to region 2. Media wamsung no region restrictions or with RCE protection will make the drive default to region 1. All trademarks and copyrights on this page are owned by their respective owners. Have you got news or files to share but prefer to do so anonymously?

Kreon Firmware V For Samsung Sh-dd Driver – torrent-door

Command set additions found swmsung this firmware. Custom applications should use the new ‘Set lock state’ instead. This can be very useful for custom applications.


To find out why we added this warning, read this article. Then add a comment to this page.

Skull and Crossbones Switch Package released. Select topic All Topics 3ds amiga commodore community dreamcast ds gamecube gba kreno hacks n64 neo geo online shop ps2 ps3 ps4 psp psvita psx revolution wii saturn site info snes switch wii u xbox xbox one xbox FF 08 01 10 ‘Get Feature List’ This command will return a list of the additional features supported by the drive.

An example feature list could be: This is what you get. If you’re working on a custom application you might want to contact me in order to get the latest list. PsNee news roundup and more One for making xtreme style images and one for making wxripper style images. The ZeroBin paste tool features AES bit encryption browser side and the server has zero knowledge of the data posted.

The region code listed in DVDinfo and other software like it is the current region setting of the sh-d162 and it should fiirmware the region of the inserted media.

Kreon Firmware v1.0 für SH-D163B & SH-D162D

Nintendo Switch Banning Hub initiative The drive supports the lock cancel any unlock state command 0xF If the media allows playback in more than one region, the drive region will be set to the region with the lowest number. The drive can read and decrypt the SS 0x XBOX related features. We received page views since June BigBlueBox leaked Switch cart master keys. The drive supports error skipping This is the complete list of defined features at the moment.


Kreon alternative firmware for the Samsung SH-DD and SH-DB v

Switch fireworks of exploits and rushed releases. I’ve had a lot of firmware requests for the new line of drives, and here it finally is Switch backup loading using hekate-ipl. The drive supports the unlock 2 state wxripper 0x PegaSwitch without PPT on firmware v1. Both types of iso can be made using isobuster, flr though this method is no longer recommended.