With the default 2us delay, it wont work and show only a few dots as seen by Thomas J. Which version you used and which code? Number Input using LCD. Otherwise you will have a set contrast that cannot be changed. The part numbers for the components are linked to websites for data and more information when available. Please email me your decision.

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Below table provides the detailed info of all the GLCD pins.

PIC18F2550 KS0108 Graphical LCD Oscilloscope

Thu Jan 15, 9: Steve, This is a great project… I had all the parts to hand, and built it in approx 3 hours one evening. Ok from what i understand from the electrical schematics the 18f is programed thrue an rs connection and not using an extra JTAG interface?

Mon Ccw 19, 1: Hi, You undoubtedly have something else going on? Update November 15, Here is the firmware without the bootloader code: I make js0108 the connections of the circuit image and I hoped that it would look like the picture on the top.

KS0108 LCD Thermometer CCS C PIC16F88 LM35 Sensor

Fri Jan 16, 7: For sure, I though your code would definitely work as it seems to me that is exactly what I ,s0108 to do. We need to change these values based on our display size.


Great Job and Many thanks. Sorry for my bad engl. What i did to get it partly workingis is the following: Inserting a delay of 4us between data and instruction make the LCD work fine.

Create the code and post it in a CodePen or something like that so we can use the code. I adjust the waveform generator as a sine wave, pk-pk voltege is 1,0volt and HZ.

I would be interested in making a basic waveform monitor and this looks like a very good starting point. Hello, I have the same situation as you with the error messages. I have changed the code a bit to get it working with the EasyPIC5 board, without success!

Steve still have a problem, it not showing corect values the line when is on is on botom and is showing some 50Hz in negative.

Check the datasheet for your LCD and you can choose an appropriate resistor given the current draw and voltage drop of the LEDs. Mon Jan 19, 5: Hi, Sorry, I should have posted the entire routine originally.


All files can be found here: Each one controls half the display, so your problem description suggests ls0108 issue in this area.

It works with a 20MHz crystal with 2 pins. If you are using a 4 MHz crystal, then change the use delay statement to 4 MHz. Also, check the connections to make sure they are correct. T This is a gr8 project. Upon deploy, it creates an array of file paths that it finds in.

KS LCD Thermometer CCS C PIC16F88 LM35 Sensor – Electronics Projects Circuits

I am not sure there is a way around other than writing the screen to ram or getting a better display module like the T You may refer the attached for reference of the double pulse. Just the absolute minimum required to demonstrate the problem! I should be able to get to it this weekend, but if not I’ll post it Monday morning!