Join Date Jan Posts 2. I have had intermintant problems but I think are pinning them down to a driver issue. I’ll check that, thanks. Thanks for any information available, sorry for the lack of knowledge with this stuff. A At the end of a job, the laser does not shut off as it returns to the home position, scoring the material, B At end of job, head does not return to home position, C System does not always go into standby mode.

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I’ve been told that it’s a fairly simple process, since the tubes are in self-contained units – a simple swap-out. If you have a Synrad tube I’d say you will probably have to stay with Lasrepro for the upgrade or you may find mechanical complications. I’ll check that, thanks.

I assume you have the Laserpro already? The machine powers up but we did not receive any software at all with this machine and cannot find any info on it.

LaserPro Explorer 2 E Laser Engraver | eBay

If your file is not proprietary, maybe you can send it to somebody with the same machine to test. Any test functions for this machine? All times are GMT If you wxplorer start a second time, does it do the exact same random thing, or will it do different random things?


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In my case the resplacement of firmware on the laser and a new driver DV 3. My company is very small one man explordr really … and we decided to get a laser for our prototyping, and to increase our product line into new areas. I have had a LaserPro Explorer 35 W for almost a year now, and have had none of the issues you describe. When I first got my laserpro a year ago, I had similar problems.

Sounds like your laser beam is out of alignment If you get a real quote let us know.

You should check the beam way from the first mirror to the last one. Back 7 years ago I asked the same question before buying my 30 watt Mercury. Tags for this Thread availableeveryonenot.

LaserPro Explorer software?

At the end of a job, the laser would advance to a random position an image one random horizontal line. The red light on the display that says laser is illuminated during the printing process but still nothing is actually being burned.


Llaserpro also would fail to shut off on the return but I traced it down to a hidden line in the drawing. The time now is 5: Coreldraw seems to be ezplorer program they test the machine with because I seen to not have problems with corel.

GCC Laserpro Explorer 2 30 watt Gas Laser Recharge

CLTT setup mm hot and cold laminator3x Dopag resin dispenserssandblasting setup, acid etcher. Join Date Jan Posts 2.

You should make sure all doors are fully closed lid and pass through. The time now is My rep came out and did that and also replaced a mirror under warranty.

Thank for the responce… I use corel draw.

Just guessing – regards, Hannu. The machine suddenly lost power, turned out it needed a beam alignment. Any idea on the cost?

I have a LaserPro Mercury 30 Watt laser. Well heres an update, I finally got everything installed and functioning correctly.