For service in the U. See Storing print media on page Make sure the print media is below the max fill line on the rear guide. Walk-up PDF printing capability directly from device front console When sending a job to the printer, you can specify in the driver that you want the printer to hold the job in memory. If the Performing Self Test and Ready messages do not appear, turn the printer off and call for service. User’s Guide – Page 18 Resetting to factory settings Resetting to turn to factory default settings will delete all the printer settings

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You may have chosen A list of available printers appears. In Mac OS X 44443-30e A minimum separation of 20 cm 8 inches must be maintained between the antenna and any persons for this device to satisfy the RF exposure requirements of the FCC.

Overloading may cause jams. Reduce the complexity of the print job by eliminating the number and size of fonts, the number and complexity of images, and the number of pages in the job.

How To Reset Lexmark S505 Intuition Factory Settings

This means the printer recognizes PCL commands used in various application programs, and the printer emulates the functions corresponding to the commands. Zone coating of the adhesive at least 1 mm 0.


Inks that are oxidation-set or lexmmark should meet these requirements; latex inks might not. Clearing printer jams 81 Downloaded From ManualsPrinter.

Lexmark’s and its Suppliers’ and Remarketers’ limitations of remedies are not cumulative. In the radio group, select the type of held job you want, enter a user name, and then send your job to the printer. If necessary, remove the tray from the printer. Clearing printer jams 86 Downloaded From ManualsPrinter. Print is skewed, or inappropriately slanted. The icons on the multipurpose feeder show you how to load the multipurpose feeder with paper, how to turn an envelope for printing, and how to load letterhead paper for simplex and duplex printing.

Clearing jams 73 Downloaded From ManualsPrinter. Unexpected page breaks occur.

Lexmark All in One Printer 31N User Guide |

More than one sheet of print media is fed or 4443-30r sheet is fed improperly. Additional terms of use are located on.

For tips on paper jam prevention and print media storage, see Avoiding jams on page 47 or Storing print media on page See the illustrations inside the stapler access door for more information.


The pound ‘ ‘ sign is not used. Try a sample of any labels you are considering using with the printer before purchasing a large quantity.

Clients If the printer port is not listed: Back channel data will be processed while the printer is locked. For the 44433-0e information about installing a network printer in a NetWare environment, launch the drivers CD, and click View Documentation.

Lexmark S500 Series All-in-One | Intuition | Service Manual

For additional help, see the documentation that shipped with the computer and the software. The job is held in memory until you delete it from the Held Jobs menu.

Skriv ut alt 4443-3e kort til konvolutter, store utkast eller design The document will begin printing. Maintenance Guide – Lexmark Page 1. Once the photoconductor kit has been replaced, normal printer operation resumes. Supported file formats for printing: The local printer is intended to be used by the computer to which it is attached.