Discussion in ‘ LG enV ‘ started by birdguy , Mar 16, You access the Service Menu via the following steps: I KNOW it works Sorry about that, I guess my brain was going faster than my fingers. So happy i was able to find your page helped save all my old ring tones and create a couple of new ones! The patch is in the mailing list post so if you would rather compile it yourself you can. For once I get to assist in helping everyone

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Everywhere on the web no one can use BitPim to download the SMS and no one has ever been able to fix botpim, not even the developers of BitPim Discussion in ‘ LG enV ‘ started by birdguyMar 16, Until someone else makes a more robust patch, I recommend only using my version if you are only using it with LG env3 phones. I wouldn’t be surprised if Verizon has blocked the feature in some hitpim. If you have any trouble with this method, you can always right-click on a ‘sound’ dnv3 made with BitPim and ‘save’ it to your computer, then use the transfer method mentioned in the tutorial to copy the files over.


You did not specify which setting to set to “on”.

Recover Files from LG EnV 3 (VX), Help? | IGN Boards

Unfortunately you can’t reply until you log in or sign up. So happy i was able to find your page helped save all my old ring tones and create a couple of new ones!

Now install mentioned software. Is there anyway to pull picture and video from the Env3 off of the phone through BitPi?

Yeah, the way Verizon is with thinking that the general public can alter or improve the function or ability of their phones bitpmi a joke. Can I still do that?

If you are using bitpim on Linux and possibly Mac OS X, too, but I can’t test thatthen there is a one line fix described here: If screenshots eng3 be helpful, feel free to contact me. SoCalGuy, also remember if you have a text you want to preserve you can open it up and forward it to your email.

Microsoft is just as bad when it comes to their gaming systems.

This is because I can indeed “check” the button, but if I return to the item again, it still shows as disabled. Your name or email address: Welcome to Verizon Forums – the unofficial Verizon community!


KubusAug 30, If not, I wonder how it appears to fix the problem. Thank you sooooo much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Mostly posts rnv3 created based on personal experience after finding a lack of specific, helpful resources online. BeaugeekMar 25, I am not certain if you have actually done it, either.

Recover Files from LG EnV 3 (VX9200), Help?

I usually make mine Have a question about Verizon? Posted by nick c lt This fix is intended to be a workaround until a new version of BitPim is released with working env3 support.

Reference Links There are a few links which I referenced to get part of this information. BeaugeekApr 6, LOL Post added at Last edited by a moderator: I tracked down the problem with bitpim to a field being a different size on my env3 than bitpim was expecting. We recently moved Verizon specific content to VerizonForums. For once I get to assist in helping everyone