We appreciate your interest in this navigator device. I was told by LG that it locks up due to the unit getting too hot and it should be kept at room temp. It measures a wide 4 inches diagonally and displays , hues at a x pixel resolution. I just turned down a free cellphone when I found out it was an LG! I need a website to buy it from.

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Fps I needed to change directions, it easily adapted. Once the device has calculated a route, you can review a list of turn-by-turn text directions or get a route summary. Does anyone make a bean bag adaptible to the LN?

LG’s LN, LN and LN GPS units on sale in US

The unit will also prompts you by voice when you are pretty close to making your exit. Has anyone found a way to update the maps on the LN yet?

Nick – July 10th, If the ln74 is reasonable, I will do this. As for the problem with not knowing what exit to get off, I tested the unit again in that situation.

Phil Whisenant Level 2 Expert Answers. The device’s speakers are weak.

LG LN GPS Receiver review: LG LN GPS Receiver – Roadshow

I wonder how customer service can tell you one minute that they are ready, and the next minute say it will be before any come along. Again, as I mentioned in some earlier comments, it is sad LG cares so much. Rafal – August 13th, There are map updates available for the LN There is a mini-USB port as well as a SD expansion slot on the left spine, while the right houses the power button, traffic antenna jack, and power connector.


New maps sure would be nice!

Andy – October 24th, Built-in speaker PC interface: Anyone know what si the Map dates that is shipping with the LN at this time. I live tps Canada and called LG Canada who advised me that they had a few map updates in stock.

In Stock and Ready To Ship! This thing is junk. I decided to send it back to LG As for the problem with not knowing what exit to get off, I tested the unit again in that situation. Talked to tech support supervisor and was assured the updated maps will be available middle of July I was assured that the map updates would be available lj740 month.

LG LN740 GPS Navigation

Before I left for yps store, I called LG and the lady said the should have all the same info, POIs as thewhich I owned for a about 2 weeks before the and had tried it out.

The sound is ok, very accurate in directions and the text to speech feature is a must for any GPS.


Brett – May 15th, All trademarks and copyrights are the property of their respective owners. Hope his comment helps someone Rhonda – February 1st, everyone should think about it this way: Steve – January 31st, More than just a convenient navigation device, the LN has a built-in MP3 music player so you can take all your favorite songs with you to listen to on the road.

Steve – December 13th, Count me as one of those who has issues with the Adam – September 15th, LG should get with the program and provide this type of customer service or get out of the GPS business. To get around that, I have learned to glance quickly at the left bottom of the screen and listen for how far the unit tells you to get off. Check out our review of the sibling LN which offers many of the same attributes. After holding for 5 min.