This is not a GR issue at all. Originally, I thought the Lightsnake had a fairly clear sound without additional line noise. No, create an account now. But it also pulses and flashes when it is passing data through the cable. The simplicity, features, and attractive price of the LightSnake truly bring professional digital recording capabilities to everyone.

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Your email will not be publicly posted. By the way, I’ve narrowed down the sound issue: Create my account Continue as Guest. I’ve noticed other cable only are compatible with certian programs.

You need to lightdnake an ASIO format driver that is ideal for music recording. I have heard allegations that the pulsing light can actually affect your audio streams.

I think the reason I never noticed it with the Daily Rock on recording is that the acoustic is naturally a very full sound, so the noise was actually getting lost in the sound of the acoustic. Is it possible to remedy that?

Related Articles USB part 2: Don’t use this pos on a Mac with GR2. The gate worked to take off the noise in the silent sections. USB daily and it’s using apples built in driver and it’s fine with every app Of course, I plugged it into the Lightsnake. It’s like the lower octave is a ms after the higher. This “pretty” feature gives you a clear visual indication that it is doing its job.


You are currently logged in as a guest. No, create an account now. Even though it was substantially cheaper than most entry level input boxes, ultimately you are NOT getting a good deal with this cable. I took a shot of a spectrograph of the line noise with the Lightsnake plugged into the SG with the volume knob set to zero. By placing the sound card into the cable itself, you get a simple no hassle recording solution that everyone will love – pros and beginners alike.

SoundTech Lightsnake USB to Instrument Cable

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Of course, you can always call us directly during regular business hours at Is this cable compatible with oightsnake cubase 4? A day trial of the whole lineup of Sony recording software is included: At first there was no sound at all until i made an aggregate device. By creating an account, you can Monitor Order Status Print return labels Get easy access to your orders, products, drivers, and reviews.


Troll Cave Music: Gear Review: Lightsnake USB Instrument Cable

Featuring a high quality bit analog to digital converter and a better-than-CD quality sampling ,ightsnake of 48 KHz, this cable will get the awesome sound you crave into your computer with extreme quality. Please contact us – we will be happy to issue a refund.

This resulted in the above problems. What you see is a wash of noise, with a lot of other structured pulses embedded in it.

I recently picked up lightxnake Epiphone SG Special, which is an admittedly low-end electric guitar. Originally, I thought the Lightsnake had a fairly clear sound without additional line noise.

Maybe the Lightsnake is defective; you should call them.

Having tried other, inferior imho amp simulators with surprisingly positive results, I can state that it’s my incompetency with this program.

If I had the RK2, all of my problems would just disappear Paul Proprietor of the Troll Cave.