ImgBurn Support Search In. Sony makes notoriously shitty stuff when they make it themselves. The DVD Decrypter burned in 1. Protected Disc Tests – Reading Tests 6. Samsung Releases New Flash Laptop. By using this site, you agree to our Terms of Use.

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No changes here, as the retail package remains the same with the pervious release, that of the S model. By the way, If you do a System Recovery to a earlier date, it also changes everything on the Slave HD, and you can lose everything.

I think I still have a few -r’s lying around somewhere. I tried to buy a case,from Ti Yuden but they won’t cut case price deal. Click on the liteon below for a larger, more detailed view They both burned the Shw–1635s but it only plays on the computer not on my Sony disc player.

Friends system does not use ImgBurn, only Nero 6. Lite-no may take a few days to get everything back up. This is what I had before I up’ed to Nero 6.

Sony DVP-CXV disc player and ImgBurner – ImgBurn Support – ImgBurn Support Forum

The latest firmware for the S can be found here. Got feedback from Gateway saying they have no dgdrw grades for the Firmware. If you could post the serial number from the bottom of the disk BillB, the one that ‘s very small and on the clear part of the hub and also nearest to the hub, not the one on the edge of the dye. Leave this field blank.


Most all are shw-1635x junk. Thanks for the help so far. Twitter’s Ad Sales Surge.

LITE-ON SHWS resources and drivers

Bill like I said in my post the firmware you show is not a lite on firmware from what I could find its probably a firmware that the computer manufacturer installed for a drive thats OEMthats why its region locked and you cant flash to original LON firmware.

All seems good now. BillB, I misunderstood that you were having trouble with Verb media, not Sony, hence why I asked for the serial. A few days later, LiteOn released the latest firmware revision for the s, the YSON and we flashed the drive with it, which improved writing quality with certain media brands.

I went to MS and they have no help for this.

All worked normal for one burn, then went back to the problem. Got the same burns as the uped Nero versions. Why these companies do something like this propritory stuff, beats me!?


Note here that no change was made in the reading mechanism of the drive as we confirmed with a number of tests.

Protected Disc Tests – Reading Tests 6. And I’d check DMA and definintely update that firmware. If you can find a BenQ or they too are excellent, and can also be used for quality scanning.

LiteOn SHW-1635S

LiteOn has many new versions, as above, but none will install. Galaxy S10, 5G, Folding Phones.

The Pioneer D is an excellent drive and can be found quite cheap. Lines and paragraphs break automatically.

I tried the Properties in the Drive, but no good! I get an error saying this Up Grade is for xxx drive same number but still it won’t install. Apart from this, the drive’s writing mechanism has been improved and as we will see later on in ,ite-on review, all tested, burned media were burned at their specified speeds with increased quality in comparison to the previous release.