Yep, just a couple of scales. Hopefully you get a working one that is not affected by this issue ;-. Perhaps the fact that it doesn’t find sox is the reason I hear no audio? I must say I am running the easypeasy ubuntu version on an eee PC, but for midi recording only this should work. User Control Panel Log out. Faulty items can be returned within 30 days of delivery.

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LogiLink USB to MIDI Adapter MIDI interface adapter

First clear the message buffer before plugging in the cable sudo dmesg -c Plug in the cable, wait 10 seconds and do dmesg What is the output? Rosegarden has excellent midi support and you can connect it to Ardour.

But I just got back from a search of this piano, and it seems it doesn’t have many controls. Consumers may return unwanted items within 14 days of delivery.

Forums Posts Latest Posts. Nice to hear that it finally works for you: Guitarhacker Max Output Level: Essentials Only Full Version.

I would like to use Ardor with Jack in place of ugly Microsoft Windows. Sounds like it might be that, in which case just don’t play that particular plug with more than one note logjlink a time.


It doesn’t appear that your keyboard is setup to transmit the midi data, thus, it looks like you are setup and only receiving some sysex’s but no notes. Can you give me a hint as to what I’m missing?

Are you using the latest drivers for your device. Clearly I can’t be sure, but it logilknk to me from your error messages that the problem isn’t Ubuntu, it is your hardware. You can also say A and G doesn’t matter because the problem comes with every key that is in range of course.

In other words, they’re not meant to be played with more than one note at a time. Everything is better with pie.

From there on, it is error after error. As per all the tutorials etc I have read done I hit record then play some music yet nothing shows up in the track, not a sausage of data to be seen. Faulty items can be returned within 30 days of delivery.

Puppy Linux Discussion Forum :: View topic – Logilink USB MIDI Cable and Puppy

My old Roland has a number of different midi settings that have to be set up correctly to transmit the proper data. Loggilink you get a working one that is not affected by this issue. Hope this will work better. See the 3 attached images. No additional drivers were needed.


LogiLink Adp USB to Midi In-Out

Now I’ve got the problem that Rosegarden has no audio output which I can hear. Bus Device To test basic functionality you logilknk try to play midi files to your midi device using amidi or aplaymidi.

What I get is ilan ilan-laptop: I’m sure you’ve already tried them all. Top 10 Sound Cards – View All. You can also check my website for more info on soft synths and midi recording in MC4.

LogiLink UA0037

That will give you more flexibility, also for recording audio. We’ll notify you when this product is available. Apr 11, 3: MC4 requires the usage of SS’s to playback the music. So if anyone stumbles on the same problem as I did its most likely the midi controller.