After all, transmitting a beam of light for the tiny distance required, less than an inch, requires only a minuscule amount of power. The battery has been slowly draining and the mouse no longer charges in the dock. About two years ago Logitech launched the amazing MX mouse. Left click is intermittent, always ‘clicks’ but doesn’t register as a key press 6. None of the pro teams will use the MX so it’s strictly amateur hour. Some are simply awesome, others difficult to live with. My old bluetooth optical mouse works much better than this, but it sucks up batteries like hell.

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I bought this mouse a few weeks logitecch at a local computer fair and when I came home I found the following things in the box: This is lgitech laser enables tracking on virtually any surface. My problem is that it has started to lose it’s connection to the base station on a regular basis. I play tons of games with it. Like other posters said, for the dough, I didn’t expect bs problems. No lights, no nothing. If you got a “jumpy” mouse logitech will indeed change ityou just pick the wrong store.

Logitech Mx Wireless Laser Mouse Cordless 8 Button MX | eBay

Software looks bit awkward but is works. I guess I’ll return it for another one. I’ve repositioned my receiver to many new locations as people have suggested and it doesn’t fix the problem.


Monotonic surfaces were used for consistency in results. I’m going to go back to my old ball mouse because it crapped on the MX FastRF cordless performance that equals a USB corded connection, more info about this technology here. Then the center button seemed to stop working well. When I bought my computer with the optical mouse, I thought I was in heaven, until I started buying batteries. No jumping, no lacking connection, no problems with kvm.

Does some one know of any other optical cordless mouse laxer necessarily laser that has this kind of range?

It was a huge leap for cordless mice since it were one of the first cordless mice that performed as well as a wired one. In this review we’ll take a closer look to see Logitech’s promises are true.

Both mouse track olgitech during gaming, and I am a FPS gamer: Again I took it apart and cleaned it and now it works perfectly again. DV Hardware – Privacy statement All mokse and trademarks are property of their respective owner. Throughout this ordeal I have called Logitec Support on several occations, faxed them a written report which they deny receiving and still have not received a satisfactory solution. I hate that I need to find another mouse.

A little bit of sweat, and the logo wears off, almost completely. Windows XP Professional on a Dell That fixed the problem by moving the Bluetooth adapter away from other items such as speakers and the PC itself. Cursor is extremely erratic and mouse is unusable.

Logitech Mx1000 Wireless Laser Mouse Cordless 8 Button MX 1000

Keep posting your stories, problems, and possible solutions on this and other boards, and post links back and forth to other posts to bring attention to Logitech’s customer service and quality problems and to help Logitech’s execs fix these problems for their own good and ours. The mx might look sexy, and be the first mouse to boast this new logktech technology, but all that equates logigech the best part of sod all if the mouse doesn’t even function properly! Cursor moves suddenly to the left, the buttons are sticky, it takes for ever to register a double click.


I like to use the ‘back’ button for browsing the web, and also for ‘use’ and ‘enter bljetooth in UT, but if i set this for UT, the button ceases to work when browsing, and vice versa. As a side point The funny thing is support asked me ” Are you gaming with it? I was unable to use any of my mouse’s buttons other then the two main ones.

Some of the other problems people have reported on this site i have not come accross yet like floaty movements and wearing stickers.