Copperhead being the only one I can’t buy this second. Hmm if you use the 3. You are right, of course. Boomslangs were inoperable for a huge percentage of buyers. Viper boasted great features and had a shitty sensor that wasn’t capable of being moved quickly Razer dupe people, never! Gamers are a putty for for new products especially when its to do with improving skills. Should be here any day now.

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Not to mention the confidence it might bring some people. Yeah, I’ve read a review that its wheel is stiff I’m not sure of the degree of stiffness though. I find it easier with larger mice mx5xx, IE 3. Not Logged In Login Register.

My mx/ Razer diamondback comparison | Page 2 | [H]ard|Forum

Gamers are a putty for for new products especially when its to do with improving skills. Renamed some functions for better understanding. Plugged in my old my old 3.

It felt like the design of the mouse was forcing my fingers to hit the mousepad, which does NOT help to smooth my lg And now my mx might be doing the same, sometimes I just lose all my speed, like I mistimed teh jump, but I keep thinking its the mouse, it’s pretty bad, you should write to Logi or something. Most of the people just stop using the damn drivers.


Jul 18, At a more standard res of x more fpsnow you’d only need 5cm for awhich is an unusually high sens for a pro gamer. It should be out soon.

In windows i was switching modes with a push of a button and it was nice adjusting sensitvity without going in the control panel. Added AppOverrides on buttons 4 and 5 for opera. I was thinking of buying a mx I think I was wrong about bit mode requring the Logitech driver.

I had like 10 Boomslangs and they all broke within a month or so. The blue should be in stock the beginning of October but there could be a long wait for the red and green.

Added richard’s defaults for V mouse; added Sims2ep3. I use setpoint 2. The small advantage that better technical performance gives, does not outweigh shape and comfort. That’d be a sweet setup: If you play in x with fov 90degrees then you will loose precision pixels that you can’t hit if your sens is more than degree turn in less than 10cm of physical movement with DPI. I’ve played with several ball mouse users that played just as well as those using the latest opticals.


Discussion in ‘ General Gaming ‘ started by rondocapJul 8, I will include them in my post.

My mx518/ Razer diamondback comparison

Fixed MX’s defaults to work better with SetPoint 2. I wouldve gotten it, but it looks to geeky. The MX wheel is considerably stiffer than IE 3. Thus, the dpi would be overkill.

Added Google Scholar search to the Apps: I bought one and then got my free replacement whenever it started to go out.

I might its getting stupid now. No, create an account now.

Placed all the uberOptions packs together in a self-installer.