Effects of infusion on proximal gastric and antroduodenal motility were compared using a paired t test. Effects of iv Ex on blood glucose concentrations and plasma immunoreactivities of hormones after an oral meal. The intragastric retention was also derived from proximal and distal stomach regions of interest. Proximal gastric and antroduodenal motility were measured as previously described More refinements More refinements Citations are publications that use Tocris products. In contrast, gastric emptying was not changed by GLP-1 receptor antagonism.

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Relationship between oral glucose tolerance and gastric emptying in normal healthy subjects. Very minor scratches on the steel case but the front fascia is totally free of blemishes. Changes of pp otr motility are also under neural control 26 Citations are publications lrt use Tocris products. Effects of iv Ex on blood glucose concentrations and plasma immunoreactivities of hormones after an oral meal. Endogenous glucagon-like peptide 1 controls endocrine pancreatic secretion and antro-pyloro-duodenal motility in humans.

Although Edwards et al.

Neuroscience PMID: The six subjects investigated with a gastric ltd showed a trend toward accelerated GE compared with those subjects without a gastric bag Table 2 and Fig. GE of the meal approximated an overall linear pattern after a short initial lag phase LP. Therefore, an accelerating effect of Ex might have been balanced by a decelerating effect of hyperglycemia.


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However, the relative contributions of the respective effects of GLP-1 regarding maintenance of blood glucose homeostasis are unknown. Neither when analyzed as separate cohorts nor combined did Ex have an effect on overall GE.

Moreover, it did not influence intragastric meal distribution between the proximal and distal stomach.

Record up to 4 hours of video or 2, songs on a single DVD. In this study, the inhibition of glucagon release was a major determinant of the acute GLP-1 action in healthy subjects.

None of the subjects was on any medication or had a history of gastrointestinal disease, abdominal surgery, or type 2 diabetes mellitus. The technical lrr provided above is for guidance only. All of them will work. Citing articles via Web of Science Glucagonostatic actions and reduction of fasting hyperglycemia by exogenous glucagon-like peptide I amide in type I diabetic patients.

Postprandial parameters were analyzed 0814 a two-way ANOVA for repeated measures using iv infusions and the presence of the gastric bag barostat as factors followed by a post hoc Tukey multicomparison test. Similarly insulin was slightly higher with Ex infusion, although this did not reach statistical significance. Ex had no effect on gastric emptying in either group.


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Modified Item see all. To our knowledge, there is no study in humans that has simultaneously examined the effects of a GLP-1r blockade on all mechanisms that are suggested to be important for the glucose-lowering action of GLP Again, Ex did not change the motility measures, neither the amplitude nor the frequency of the contractions.

All subjects tolerated the studies well with no side effects occurring. Thereafter GE was recorded for min.

A 8041 report of insulinoma relapse on background nesidioblastosis: A preliminary evaluation of the scintigraphic and manometric data revealed no relevant effect of Ex on GE or gastric motility. Photolabeling experiment by Iodoazidofenpropimorph labels multiple receptors, which can be later seen on auto radiogram.

The gastric catheter consisted of a double-lumen polyvinyl tube outer diameter 4 mm with a polyethylene bag ml capacity tied to its end. View all Sigma-Related Ligands. Related articles in Web of Science Google Scholar.