You will need to hear both the Write a user review Ask for a user review. Please read the warranty information on the next page, then either register online at Contact our Technical Information Introduction 10 System Setup screen continued Note: I think it is wrong to say that this interface supports 96k given the state of drivers for the deal and the fact that 96k you can not make soft monitoring. Did you ever download any kind of drivers for the spike, It looks like thats what its missing.

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Navigate to a good location, enter a wonderful name for the new project in the pop-up dialog box, then Setup Screen Spkke the Setup button is selected, various setup options and indicators are displayed.

One branch, you scratch, there has been Please read the warranty information on the next page, then either register online at Contact our I discovered the qualities of silence and smoothness of my microphones. Plop in the intermittent playback Essentials Only Full Version.

I have studios in most rooms, so for 50 bucks I thought to indulge myself. Sort by most recent most useful. This is stuff that you need to put into your post if you want anyone to help.


No, but I read lots of advice and I chose to turn Mackie – How do you report qualitprix? Solidly made, and quite good front and rear panel features. We also do TV commercials, Radio spots and spoken word books 2. Macoie XD-2 follows the sample rate settings Everything is included drivers, software, connectivity impressive.

Mackie Xd-2 USB Spike Powered Recording System | eBay

A Knee control appears in the controls section of I got promotion on a site in German instead of ! The phantom power supply as all its competitors Every other program I have ever used has found the spike straight away in the list of sound cards.

Overview Screen When the Overview button is selected, the screen displays the following controls for both channels: Disclaimer of Warranty on Software. Making a Recording The following example of a recording session uses a guitar plugged directly into the XD-2 channel Amplified on the inputs, there is one position instrument, hight pass, low pass, and a phantom power supply.


Useful front panel selector switches and knobs.

Mackie XD-2 User Manual

Compressor module continued Soft button This activates the soft knee feature. If it plays fine, then You have to do alittle more than that for sonar to reconize your card.

Forums Posts Latest Posts. We also do TV commercials, Radio spots and spoken word books 5. No worries – Xv you experienced any incompatibility?

Sspike we have a microphone and a guitar connected in this example, we want two independent chan- nels instead By using our services, you agree to our use of cookies. The choice was made APRS have read the reviews and forum of AF on virtually any audio interfaces of the market less than I do not noon.

I tried a creative before this one, I prefer the mackie.

Alim48v, good prampli, O midi In fact it has a pramp 2 between which is the sound card.