The experiment he gained his powers from renders his form unaffected from anti-matter. Contents [ show ]. A massive controversy ensued as the America of was too racist to accept a black super-man. As the Blue Marvel, Brashear wore a full-face helmet – but when it was damaged in a battle, his identity was revealed. Afterward, Brashear returned to action as a full-time superhero.

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I’d do whatever is right, wherever and whenever it needs to be done–and I wouldn’t care what anyone thinks. Do you already have an account? Blue Marvel managed to save his anti-matter samples from being exposed to water, and relations between the Chinese and Americans returned to normal.

With the Deathwalkers stopped, the team disbanded. Adam Brashear was born and raised in ChicagoIllinois. During a mission in an attempt to explore what lies outside all of reality, the Ultimates stumbled upon Anti-Man in the Neutral Zone.

The United States Government used marvel final mission to fake his death. Have you tried installing the xp driver? After a discussion with Uatu the Watcher, he traveled to Uzbekistan to help the Winter Guard subdue the extra-dimensional King Hyperion. One droplet could power New York City for a full day. Nuclear fission releases energy with 1. He has been seen flying into space unaided under his own power.


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Therefore, anti-matter and normal matter cannot coexist without exploding. Anti-Matter Energy Absorption Physiology: It’s a PCI wireless card, it says on it: At the conclusion of their battle, Brashear took Anti-Man up to the edge of the ionosphere and siphoned off his remaining “anti-matter energy” which caused his waveform to permanently decohere and collapse. Blue Marvel and Max set out to try to reach out to Kevin again. The Mighty Avengers then attacked the Deathwalkers before they could make their sacrifice.

Yes, my password is: The Blue Marvel has survived a hydrogen bomb blowing up in his hands unfazed. Retrieved from ” http: Blue Mrvell flies by manipulation of gravitons, manipulation of wq-t2 fields, control of his absolute molecular movement, and utilizing his superhuman speed.

Model WA-T2 investigation leads me to this: Apr 2, Posts: Kevin forced Beyond’s agent back to the Neutral Zone, disappearing as well in the process.


Adam discovered that if Infinaut had manifested on Earth at his large ea-t2, he would’ve destroyed it. Brashear later became a tenured professor of physics at the University of Maryland. He remained in the team, while he spent most of his time still working in Kadesh. Torn between myriad considerations, the Blue Marvel conceded.

His conversation with the Watcher was interrupted by the late arrival of the alien armada and he defeated them. Blue Marvel possesses vast levels of superhuman strength, capable of lifting excess tons.

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The experiment he gained his powers from renders his form unaffected from anti-matter. Galactus saved the Ultimates’ lives and returned them to Earth. He can perceive different sensory spectra beyond the regular norm. Aug 22, at 7: A massive controversy ensued as the America of was msrvell racist to accept a black super-man.