First, it’s cheaper, which is always a legitimate if unfortunate reason to do something. The Parhelia series was Matrox ‘s attempt to return to the market after a long hiatus, their first significant effort since the G and G lines had become uncompetitive. More in this category: Photoshop, for instance, knows how to do this, but if it hasn’t been done, the output won’t be bit regardless of the graphics card and monitor setup. The old Parhelia could use the fact that monitors might be connected to it using analogue VGA cables, so it only needed to implement ten-bit digital to analogue conversion.

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Even then, it’s a bit of a stretch to justify an Nvidia Quadro board just for display, since new ones are generally more expensive than a Diwplay board, but there are lower-end and used options.

Editing 24fps video on a 60Hz display can look visibly lumpy, especially on things like slow pans or material that’s already been frame-duplicated to create slow motion.

Matrox Parhelia PCI 256MB

This, unfortunately, proved not to be an efficient arrangement in most situations. Still, let’s assume we’ve decided that a bit desktop display is necessary, and we’re prepared to pay for it.

Saturday 29 Dec – Review: The first is that software has to know how to draw in a way that supports bit. The Parhelia was only competitive with the older Radeon and GeForce 3which typically cost half as much.

Photoshop, for instance, knows how to do this, but if it hasn’t been done, the output won’t be bit regardless of the graphics card and monitor setup.


To forestall criticism, there’s a few quite legitimate reasons one might want to do this. If the application is playing back video, it’ll be sending video frames to the computer’s graphics hardware every say one twenty-fourth of a second.

In some circumstances, bit requires an OpenGL surface matorx has been specifically set up to support it, or similar special efforts. Playback of video on computers is generally timed to the sound hardware’s sample rate, with the video frames updated whenever necessary to keep in sync.

The graphics hardware stores that frame until the monitor needs to be updated, say every one-sixtieth of a second.

Matrox Graphics – Products – Legacy Products – Parhelia Series – Parhelia PCI MB

There are, however, two remaining problems. The interaction between those two events means that each video frame will be shown either two or three times, but there’s no specific intent to ensure a tidy repeated pattern. Views Read Edit View history. However, within a few months after release, the Parhelia was completely overshadowed by ATI ‘s far faster and fully DirectX 9.

Unlike previous products, it supports Windows Vista Aero acceleration.

Matrox Graphics – Products – Legacy Products – Parhelia Series – Parhelia APVe

Matfox JuneMatrox announced the release of M-Series video cards. This page was last edited on 1 Augustat The frame buffer is in RGBA The second issue is getting the picture to the monitor. It remained a niche product, while nVidia and ATI control the majority of the discrete graphics chip market. Retrieved from ” https: A bit of history for you: While the Parhelia possessed an impressive raw memory bandwidth much of it was wasted on invisible house-keeping tasks because the card lacked the ability to predict overdraw or compress z-buffer data, among other inefficiencies.


Due to their equivalent pricing against faster cards, the Parhelia never got a significant hold in the market.

Matrox Parhelia 256MB

However, only 2 displays can be controlled independently. The “Surround Gaming” support allowed the card to drive three monitors creating a unique level gaming immersion.

The Parhelia was the first GPU by Matrox to be equipped with a bit memory bus, giving it an advantage over other cards of the time in the area of memory bandwidth. The Parhelia remained a niche product, and was Matrox’s last major effort to sell into the consumer market. Latest from Phil Rhodes This Blade Runner inspired fan film shows us how awesome miniatures can be 4K makes old films look better than they did in the cinema The art of Colour Rendering Just how good can the 8K cameras used at the Tokyo Olympics be?

The “” suffix refers to the bit ring bus. Ordinarily the video hardware and the sound hardware will drift against one another, which will cause the pattern of repeated frames to be slightly irregular even if the monitor and the video are at the same rate. Twitter Feed Follow RedsharkNews”.

In other projects Wikimedia Commons. Later in Parhelia’s life, when DirectX 9 applications were becoming quite prevalent, Matrox acknowledged that the vertex shaders were not Shader Model 2.