Multiple labels may cause damage to the drive or make the drive fail. The firmware has been tested and it works great! Let you see and change the region of the Macintosh software player only if the drive is RPC Send your result to the author. The RPC-1 trick for this drive is also working for the Shuttle drive. Thank you Paul Adams and Swampy. Page 61 Flash status will show as following picture.

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Just put the drive in secondary master position and the problem should be solved. You can load the utility here 5 changes allowed!! Please let me know if it works as expected. Thank you Paul Adams and Swampy. After code change counter is always 4. A must read before flashing.

Of course with the appropriate crack DVDgenie and remote selector.


It can be used by user running any MA. Main Supervisor Password Is: Iomega ZipCD Atapi 4x4x24 2.


Added firmware for the Toshiba Mqtshita In fact, this firmware seems to have problems if the dvd is running in slave position. In fact, it’s a backup of the page who was made just before the page down. Added a patched RPC-1 firmware 0. Users having SD-R drive with firmware 1B.

Indicators Item Description Indicators The computer has several easy-to-read status indicators. I hope to add the same thing soon for the SD-M If someone could send me a working burned DVD-R, i will be very grateful.

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Touchpad, Touchpad Basics Touchpad The built-in touchpad is a pointing device that senses movement on its surface. The Ripper provided 2 Patched firmware. Table Of Contents Intermittent Problems New firmware for the Traxdata Pro 5. The RPC-1 trick for this drive is also working for the Shuttle drive.

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The user can also enable advanced options for full control over the following options: Other note, the Afreey drives are now shipped with RPC-2 firmware.


The Toshiba drives are now highly recommanded!! Except for the Pioneer Superdrive, the whole Mac product line is now fully region free. Fekete Istvan is back!!!! If you don’t want to care about firmware upgrade, that is the drive to go for. See link for the page. The file contain a modified Toshiba flash utility for allowing the counter reset.

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For region free, you can use the patched firmware. Enclosed is version MX26, the region free patched MA Badly the flash utility do not allow the drive to downgrade firmware. Updated the CD-R firmware page.