Forums Posts Latest Posts. Or find out our offers on this category! Follow the steps below and create your own Drum Maps. I have a digi, it has the normal midi inputs 5pins 1 midi in 2 out. Is it when you play the keys and then hear the sound generated by your keyboard sent by usb thru your PC and back out through the sound card and its connected speakers?

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If the arrangement of MIDI note on Sound software differs from that on the digital drum, there are two ways to solve it. Screen will display a card icon or card menu medel successful connection.

That would be useful if your keyboard has standard 1m0 ports and you have no MIDI interface. Many factory cards have a very noticeable delay as you have discovered. Do you have any other style for my keyboard? So i use a standar usb cable A male- A male and connect it to the pc’s usb.


USB/MIDI cable | Cakewalk Forums

There should be a way to get good latency using that, no? Does the pedal support double bass? Yes, that’s pretty good. Guitarhacker Max Output Ub Yeah that was what i thought. So i bought an adapter. Should i buy a midi usb cable? Or find out our offers on this category!

Insert the card to the CARD slot of the drum. Essentials Only Full Version. Please follow the 4 steps below:.

USB/MIDI cable

Are you saying that your audio interface provides a spare USB port? Medeli Mc37a Bundle – 49 Keys Keyboard Medeli A – Tastiera Elettronica Turn off the keyboard. Here’s what you can find: OR — are you using the keyboard to trigger the midi synth built into your PC sound card? What is the configuration for my drum set For example: I guess the problem is my soundcard Thanks for response Yes, like the midisport uno.

mwdeli The latency i get connecting it directly to my pc makes it impossible to record. Install a MIDI sequencer software on your computer. Right now im using MME bits audio driver with sigmatel.


I don’t understand it very well, but its the best way for now. Next question would be how to get sound directly out of your digi Find what you need to make your sound real!

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