Preventative Repair Measures More information. After installing your device, locate the serial. Operator s Guide ivizion. Never had one of these before, always had the DBV’s. Wipe the note path and sensor areas as needed with a soft damp cloth.

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Windows and Windows More information. Program Unit with a service tool. These LEDs will flash at a rate of once per cahsflow when ready to accept a bill. More circuits in that machine than NASA, lol. For stubborn dirt, a small amount of mild non-abrasive soap may be added to the water before dampening the cloth. Make sure no streaks or residual soap remain on the note path. For at home users it doesn’t matter so much.

Introductions 3 2. Titanium Quick Installation Guide Live! You must remove the acceptor module from the chassis to open the front sensor area.

Petersburg, FloridaUSA www. I dunno, personal preference maybe. All other product names mentioned More information.


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All trademarks and registered trademarks. To reinstall the yellow cover, the acceptor module must remain open. The 3 wires are wrapped in one tube of black rubber and goes back down into the main area of the machines somewhere Insert the new PROM.


Position the back of the cover as shown below: Lift the corners out and then back toward you. It takes about a minute to reflash it if someone around you has the download tool and firmware.

Clear the jam from the note acceptor.

Cashflow SC note acceptors : bacnk note acceptors : MEI cashflow : HW Europe

First thing I would try is to remove and re-seat both parts, careful because it is easy to lose some skin removing the daughter board it just slides out on plastic rails. Step 1 Download App on your mobile device. Information in this Operation More information.


Step 2 Create an account Content 1. System Requirement and Connection More information. Intel is a trademark of Intel Corporation in the U. I agree to the Terms and Privacy Statement. Table of Contents Instructions Took out both the head and the daughter board and reseated them, no luck.

Here’s a pic of the chip underneath the yellow cover. Operator Manual Franking machine T Trend 1 About your new franking machine The T Trend is the first fully electronic meei machine offering a completely new design compared to all other franking.

Please take a moment to read this guide and familiarize yourself with its many features. Compliance For regulatory compliance. Check that you have all of the following items.