This as the second Tm woods club played by Phil is nothing more than a pr nightmare for them. Shark 5 years ago. Mike…Callaway own the name, not the patent…. He obviously could be playing a volkey wedge or mizuno blades or prov1 if it he felt they were better and apparently he would. In these series of articles, I will be taking you around the Emerald Isle providing you with great golf courses

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Mickelson and SLDR

Now he appears to be such a nice person. On golf spdr friendship. From historic victories to card-saving and card-earning final rounds, we count down the best performances by Canadian touring pros in Putting a brand new TaylorMade SLDR driver — with a bad paint job on the crown to mask what it is — in his imckelson at Muirfield Village should be no reason for Callaway to be upset, should it?

He is a poor Callaway rep. He is still more or less the slrr of callaway and I dont blame him one bit for sticking one or two different clubs.

TaylorMade SLDR Driver Is So Good Even Phil Mickelson Uses It

Learn how your comment data is processed. Maybe Callaway could not get a new model designed fast enough so he had to do something. Chris Pretorius Oct 7, at 5: Yes on the face of it this looks like bad PR, Callaway playing catch up again. All done pretty terribly. Sticky 5 years ago. Callaway most have felt that it was not mickelskn timing for any introduction or media sld on the product.


Phil has and always will be able to tinker with whatever clubs he chooses and Callaway will continue to respect that. Callaway in no way, shape, or form, wanted to address this.

Phil Mickelson TaylorMade SLDR

Callaway has a similar driver and this website had a picture of the prototype recently. Previous article Golf equipment: The bag is the biggest thing not on the golfer obviously. It is hard to believe that with the injection of enough hot melt, it is impossible to move the center of gravity of a RFE to anywhere Phil Mickelson needs.

Join Rick Young for what’s new and what’s happening in the world of golf equipment and business. But the fact remains the 1 Callaway staffer is playing a TMaG driver and yes, it makes me want to hit it even more…sorry Callaway.

Paddy Oct 5, at 5: The TM commercial says by increasing loft you can get distance.

By Rex Hoggard December 12, at It is in all their contracts,the big names, that if they find something that works better, they can use it. The fact that the press are reporting on it and we are all talking about it is the whole reason that this is all good for Callaway.


And callaway gets more if he wins using mostly Callaway than if he slrd 3rd with all callaway. Ryan 5 years ago. Phil loosing the big bucks is well documented!!

Joel Oct 4, at 2: If Tiger had tried this, you guys would be eating this up. I hit the SLDR for a month and finally returned to my previous driver. Callaway launches new Mack Daddy 4 wedges. As has been the case since, Mickepson way everyone is just fine with this arrangement. He doesnt need the money.