I got it up and running. Cilantro es el hombre con el queso del Diablo Registered: When I turned the system on, there was no video at all or beeps and the hard drive light stayed on continuously both the card and fan have power going to them. Access Point Mode No video, hard drive light stays on even after unplugging the SATA cord from the motherboard, and there are no beeps. I got exactly the same problem with the same MB.

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Ram 256mo de Mémoire pour Microstar (msi) Ms-7125 (k8n Neo4-f PCB 3.0) (pc3200

Tue Dec 27, 2: Run Prime95 for hours. Summary Of Raid Configurations It that fails RMA your bad stick.

I may try this, though. Parts are moving in and out of the shop pretty fast right now. And this miicro-star my findings as of today and what I posted on another forum: Quick Components Guide On another note, before I ripped everything apart this morning, I hooked up the D-Bracket to the motherboard for diagnostics.


Just for giggles, replace the CMOS battery and see what happens. Jun 18, Posts: Does this make sense?

MSI MS K8N Diamond/Platinum SLI & MS K8N Neo4 Platinum Bios &Tools | TechPowerUp

One small thing I’ve found is that the HDD light doesn’t work, but everything else is stable so I’m not messing with it. In the past, if I pulled mucro-star video card, starting the machine without it, shut it down and re-insert the video card again, it would start up and be fine.

Jul 5, Posts: I’ve gotta think it’s the mobo. Cards work flawlessly when seated in that slot. Standard Cmos Features I hope these problems are micro-stad insignificant.

Ram 256mo de Mémoire pour Microstar (msi) Ms-7125 V3.0 (k8n Neo4 Platinum PCB 3.

I don’t have the box for my mobo anymore. This thread is getting scary.

Start pulling things out and hoping it’ll post. The build I’m working with has changed. Its not posting and I have a black screen.


OK, what do I do? Software Access Point Originally posted by Riso: Don’t have an account? Burn a ‘newer’ BIOS.

Ram mo de Mémoire pour Microstar (msi) Ms (k8n Neo4-f PCB ) (pc | eBay

Core Center for Amd K8 Processor I was warned-off about using sm in another forum. I’d say you have one from a bad batch, maybe. Nvidia Raid Introduction I don’t even know where to start troubleshooting since I have no video or beeping.

AMD Opteron Heatsink: I should have read between the lines on that.