Can anyone give me a listing of the various dll files and drivers and how they are using them? Problem getting error “LNK Where does Relativity DBA fit into the picture? Problem after loading native. Configure application to find its data files in a different folder than the one in which it is running. Problem with starting application from Windows batch file on network share.

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Eclipse crashes when editing remote cobol source files outside of the IDE.

My server is running on Redhat Linux box and I have 50 client licenses and I have replicated once by running several large queries at once. Micrfocus the project for more information. Trap function keys pressed mocrofocus a Windows Form. Cannot communicate with Licensing Daemon. How to build the. Is there a parameter to prevent firewall rules from being set during license manager installation.

The Data Manager accesses a single-tier data source, that is one in which the data is on the same machine as the ODBC application.


Accessing ODBC Databases from Micro Focus COBOL by using the Server Express OpenESQL Interface

Explicitly set focus to a specifc control on a Windows Form depending on a condition in the program. Very helpful thank you.

An improved vt terminfo source file for PuTTY. How to install Rumba after Enterprise Developer has been installed? Setup ODBC driver tracing. For installation instructions, see the Easysoft product documentation. Here is the error. Enter “cob32” or “cob64” when compiling. DLL project located in same project folder.

Setup ODBC driver tracing

When installing Enterprise Developer for Visual Studio a fatal error 0x is seen. Subscript out of Range.

Splitting IIS config file. Increasing performance of index file Micrkfocus using sharing modes. How to use the Enter key as Tab in a Windows Forms application.

Empty indexed file still contains some data. Visual Studio compatibility issues after installation. Repeat the orbc to stop the tracing and upload the trace file to the incident for our review. Where does Relativity DBA fit into the picture?


Is that correct and what about the other drivers? Operand time-of-day is not declared. Problem getting error “LNK How to search for a text string through all programs in a Visual Studio project or Solution. Relativity and ODBC connections New to Relativity and not finding documentation on all the various dll files and drivers.

Setup ODBC driver tracing – Visual COBOL Knowledge Base – Visual COBOL – Micro Focus Community

Overlay multiple panels on a Windows Form using User Controls. Change the external names of my web service’s methods and parameters without changing the internal, COBOL, names. LIB will be used as the main entry point.

How to extract the License Server installation from Visual Cobol 2. Eclipse heap size 1. Problem backing up cobol to cobol.