If you can get a newer one then do it. I have a chance to buy a jv3 s 63 inch printer I was wondering how old of a printer model is this? By continuing to use this site, you are agreeing to our use of cookies. Mar 12, 6. Jul 17,

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Mar 11, 2 taylorfiremedic Member 30 0 0 Nov 21, Make sure you can upgrade the firmware.

Mimaki JV3

They were unable to update the firmware. This may be a stupid question but why do you need to update the firmware.

I enjoy the smell and the nervous twitches usuallt go away once I get a lirrle fresh air. Mar 12, 9. Mar 14, Search Media New Media. We also have a bulk ink system installed. Search Forums Recent Posts.

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No you will not be able to upgrade to latest greatest firmware, but if your running Bulk Ink, you have to be at version 3. Read the MSDS safety sheets and it will give you a good idea of the risks involved with printsr inks. The Triangle JVS ink is a true solvent ink and will really do some damage if you don’t isolate the machine and properly vent it.


Okay, the s has 3 heads not 2.

It had issues during shipping and took longer to get here than it should. Mar 11, 3. The JVsp has 4 heads, If you use the SS2 inksets the smell isint that bad, but would have either a scrubber or exhaust.

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Mar 11, 2. You must log in or sign up to reply here. We have both the s and sp and are running the s in 6 color mode and jb3 sp in 4 color.

BTW- Did you ever try the lava ink in your other printer? Mar 12, 6. Mar 12, 7. It is a 6 color machine running 3 heads split in half. Jul 17, Truthfully, even the mellower eco-sol inks require more ventilation than people typically give them.

Mimaki JVsp jfiscusJan 11,in forum: You want fimware 3. The JVS is a workhorse. Mar 11, 1.

mimaki jv3 160s

Mimaki Jv3 s head issue Luke TaglientiAug 14,in forum: Discussion in ‘ Mimaki ‘ started by chopperMar 11, It completely eliminates any of the chip on cart issues. You really need a separate room for your printer and I like a good cfm of ventilation per cf of room. By then, the heads had dried out because there’s no way to flush the lines with the Triangle Ink hooked in.


My husband and graphc artist do complain if they are in the print department for a period of time. You will need some sort of exhaust system However, I don’t find it to totally obnoxious.