Green Packet Bhd is a leading developer of Next Generation Network solutions, enabling optimum usage of fixed-mobile convergence of multimedia IP applications and services for both infrastructure-based and non-infrastructure-based network environments. These expertise and skills will be deployed either in solution engineering, product development, system supports and system maintenance or to provide professional services to it clients. Intranet Research Sdn Bhd. To schedule a meeting with Multimedia Development Corporation. Selling new Product of desktops, notebook, servers and pheripherals. Preferably, organizations or businesses who are in the consulting area and are looking for expertise offered by our organization.

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Consultancy services in the areas of: Secure VPN connects corporate organization in various locations nationwide to their HQ for the retrieval and transmission of company’s mission critical information.

Upcoming features will be SMS, video conferencing and white-boarding. Juzt- Reboot Malaysia Sdn Bhd.

A web-based groupware application that is developed based on open source technology that provides communication, collaboration, information and document management systems for organizations. To schedule compuing meeting with M dot Mobile Sdn.

All government departments and agencies in the state are benefiting from low rates when skart computer equipment offered by Mimos Smart Computing Sdn Bhd We advise our clients on how best to use ICT, human capital and global best practices that endure to accommodate their business or organizational needs.


Now, subscribers can make and receive phone calls while browsing the Internet at very competitive rates to anywhere in the world.

Milestones – MIMOS Berhad

AgriBazaar was launched by the Prime Minister. Which Malaysian Companies will be attending?

To schedule a meeting with G-Tek Multimedia Sdn. Today, the new malaysian understands success is always possible and with the right tools and a strong attitude, great achievements are always within reach. Classified as Computers, Information Technology Retrieved December 29 from https: It is the link between suppliers and Government agencies.


To appoint local distributors for our SmarThumb. Mimos Smart Computing Sdn Bhd Selling new Product of desktops, notebook, servers and pheripherals. Encipta Ltd, a wholly-owned subsidiary, was incorporated on 8th December as a venture fund company.

Our philosophy Underpinning all our expertise and approaches to solve compuitng client’s problem is our philosophy to engage the key stakeholders of each project.

As an established wholly Malaysian owned software company, Custommedia is a software engineering outfit specializing in customized software solutions for its wide-ranging clientele, smarrt is continuously looking forward to expanding its business and operations using local and international expertise. Employing our own expertise an ultilising the capabalities of our parent company, mimos berhad, we are embarking on a journey to achieve this vision.


Mimos Smart Computing Sdn Bhd

To schedule a meeting with Mitechsoft Technology Sdn. Malaysia Microelectronic Solutions Sdn Bhd. Microlink WorldWide Sdn Bhd 9.

This allows us to analyze, develop and deploy requirements efficiently and effectively. MSCTC is not aligned with any software or hardware vendor and thus insulate its clients from product prejudice in defining an effective solution. Launched Makcik PC, a prototype portable computer.

Which Malaysian Companies will be attending?

In addition, a community portal gives users the chance to samrt their personal websites. Axiomatic Solutions Sdn Bhd was incorporated on September 10, We will launch our 1 st Hand-phone in December This link is listed for Free. Our focus is therefore on what’s best for our clients.

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