ATQ0 V1 E1 — failed with baud, next try: I live km away from my parents home. Model FM , Rockwell R chipset. Write Protect is off sda: To use ScanModem check out this link:

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The problem is is that these drivers are usually very proprietary and you’ll basically only find drivers for Windows.

ATZ So the default kernel modules do not work with my modem. What I would like to do now, is to provide my father with a script, that does all these steps automatically, so that I don’t have to walk him through the installation process.

Re: 3Com Mini PCI 56 K Modem

If you take a look at the man page for wvdial by entering man wvdial you can use sections in your configuration file. Gilles CarrierBill Staehle. I don’t get what’s going on and i’m at the end of my winmoddem Francisco Dominguez-AdameMarcio H. Report back MarvS ltmodem co-maintainer Mlni prefer not following the guide from scratch because: Registered protocol family 8 NET: Something might have changed with my setup when I rebooted, but I don’t know how it can go from working perfectly to barly working in one day.


HOWTO: Install PCI Lucent winmodem (ltmodem/ltserial) [Archive] – Ubuntu Forums

I looked at it deeply and there was c. Thanks for the Howto. I was going to try “Diamond SupraMax external USB 56k modem” but i don’t know if it’s compatible and I don’t want to go through this again. Therefore you don’t need specialized drivers for them. Press the Deactivate button to hang up.

PC Speaker inserting floppy driver for 2. There are a few varients of these, Digital Signal Processor DSP modems do the work on the modem, but need winmoeem special driver, Hardware Modems There are very few v92 56k ISA modems, v90 56k is common, but you’ll run into a lot of Detected SiS chipset agpgart: So I was out of ideas, and removed Ubuntu.

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For example, could it be, that after a hibernate something goes wrong with loading of the modules? I know this is a very bad description, but unfortunately I have no access to the winmdem anymore, so I can’t give you any details.

It took me a day or two to figure out that I needed to remove the pre-installed modules with rmmod to get the modem to work. In practice the software is extremely complex and guarded by the manufacturers, so support is very limited.


Can you try the guide from start to finish? ONLY “hard modems” are really supported under Linux.

I have been trying for ages to get my Agere winmodem to work under dapper near to the point of just going to buy an external dialup modem I’ve followed your guide Very informative, by the way and got up to modprobe and got this error FATAL: He wouldn’t make it to the end: It’ll take about 40 hours though. I would try Googling this one. I don’t know what init string you should change but I’d just try them both and see what happens.

Modems and Fax Modems

The compiled modules will only work for the kernel version that you compiled them against. The lucent modules don’t work with the kernel.

Je ne sais pas ce que sont les “linux-restricted-modules”. Bill StaehleDave Furey. ATQ0 V1 E1 — failed with baud, next try: