All data is available on one or more computer interfaces in NMEA format. It offers galvanic isolation to be fully compliant with the NMEA specification and it does not exhibit the well known problems of generic converters like the infamous ‘crazy mouse’ problem or sudden drop-outs in the NMEA data stream. The multiplexer does not send any NMEA data from it’s own inputs to it’s output! The stability of WiFi connections is also improved. Just connect the cables of your instruments to the clamp-connectors with the factory-supplied tool and your computer-based navigation system is complete.

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Description See the Changelog for details about the updates.

NMEA Multiplexer with USB MiniPlex-3USB only ,95 € buy now | SVB Yacht and boat equipment

This firmware also contains many other new features and improvements for both -N2K and non-N2K models. This firmware is embedded in MPX-Config3 and will automatically load into your MiniPlex-3 when connected for the first time. These options must be supported by MPX-Config. You are also more than welcome to contact our SVB team by email at: This greatly reduces the chance of an overflow and the resulting loss of data.

Within further usage of our pages, you will accept that we use cookies. JavaScript is disabled on your browser! Each and every port on a MiniPlex-3 multiplexer is galvanically isolated from the internal electronics and from every other port.


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When for instance two GPS receivers are connected to inputs 1 and 2, and both transmit the same uzb of NMEA sentences, only those received on input 1 are passed. It also ensures a trouble free connection to any type of NMEA port of any device.

Input 3 is auto-sensing between bps and bps, in order to adapt to the high speed data of AIS receivers. The Mac OS X version is still being developed.

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From time to time we improve the firmware of the multiplexers and add new options. Improves reading the multiplexer configuration with high NMEA traffic. An additional option to check the GPS status flags can be enabled to ensure that data received from a GPS which lost satellite reception is also blocked. The required firmware V3.

A flexible NMEA filter can be configured to pass or block specific sentences from each input channel. On some computers, the “ST” was too wide and displayes as “.

Firmware Update OS X The version check of a firmware file was wrong and therefore newer versions were alwas detected as being older than the loaded version.

The firmware internal software in the MiniPlex-2 and MiniPlex-3 series multiplexers can be updated. The stability of WiFi connections is also improved. If you require a larger quantity than we ussb available, you can still place your order.

Also fixes a bug in restoring the network settings of the MiniPlex-2E. Please enable JavaScript on your browser or upgrade to a JavaScript-capable browser.


Capturing the filter list now places the checkboxes in the correct input columns. All data is available on one or more computer interfaces in NMEA format.

It needs no further configuration. This option is useful for software or instruments that expect a specific talker ID or to distinguish between sentences from two similar instruments. We will then work mimiplex to acquire and ship your order to you.

Any data sent by the computer, like steering information for an autopilot, is output on the dedicated NMEA output.

Just plug in the USB cable, load the driver disk, a few clicks and you’re up and running! Your question will be automatically forwarded to other SVB customers and your question will be published on the product page. A new version of MPX-Config may be required after the update, to utilize new functions of the multiplexer.

In which case, you will only pay SVB’s price for the product. The communication speed to the computer is much higher than the standard NMEA speed, thus there is no possibility of overflow and missing NMEA sentences from the instruments to minoplex computer.