Narrow gauge steam in Romania by Oxendale-mac. It often clips heavily and adds considerable sharpening but less so if one of the keywords is selected. This is normally my own preference instead of the Auto button. When I looked closer I noticed some writing on the image of the woman which reads:. The statue is one of two dogs sitting on each side of an overpass cutting the park in two halves. From left to right:

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Leave a Reply Cancel reply. The Image Correction Tab has the image contrast and color tools.

However, do be certain that the image is cropped to be within the actual film frame in the Preview, because any extra dead space around the image drastically affects dlmage auto histogram settings, in any scanner, in every case.

Taken from the Canadian side in on Kodachrome film.

Konica Minolta Dimage Scan Dual II Film Scanners

Rockefeller State Park by John. There is an Auto Correction button there, which can modify the processing with the option choices at right. Cheap student apartments consisting of stacked containers. Hi I agree with you, this scanner works dimabe. Hope this helps Jim.

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Like a moth, I keep staring scann at lights and lamps. There are even eyedroppers. I have dropped the 35mm film adapter a number of times, my children have got hold of them in the belief that they are food and our cat likes to sit on them, but needless to say they are still unmarked and work perfectly.


Full frame 35 mm images are over x pixels at dpi, nearly 30 MB if 8 bit, and 60 MB if 16 bits. The histogram has another Auto Setting button, which is never disabled, and which works like Photoshop’s Auto Levels, adjusting the three RGB Points individually, shown miolta by the three White Point settings.

The stepping motors are loud along with a scanner door that is stiff I may have to remove the door to clean and oil it! dcan

Konica Minolta Dimage Scan Dual II Scanner

Lighting was with a close softboxed SB and a distant grided SB26 at full zoom. Jim November 18, at The first button scans a small index image from all the frames, viewed using the Index Tab as shown.

I prefer the sdan tones of slightly sepia tone, very easy to do in digital. Taken in on a bicycle trip through Nova Scotia. The page printed user manual is very detailed it is also online in the Customer Support section at www. This means that all dust and scratches are fully visible. It’s basically fried batter filled with raisins and served with powdered sugar.


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The three white point settings are superimposed with the dmage dark curve the light lines, shows well on a color screen. Wouter blending in by Peter Teunissen. They make journeys, not very extensive ones, it is true: I like the larger size better. Aurele Rousse November 17, at 9: As with minoltw old scanners the official software is quite poor, producing very slow scans, regularly crashing and will not work on any modern operating system.

This field in front of the church has seen a lot of growth since then. I think it is right about here from google maps: The midpoint of the histogram is Gamma too, shown numerically there. Also the index scan data can be saved to munolta restored from an Index file, so the data can be reloaded again later without a rescan and it includes Preview data too, if so selected.

Three trees and a square by Peter Teunissen. APS film can have up to 40 frames on the roll. Previous post Next post.