That is my first month as an RV owner, a few bumps and bruises, but we are really looking forward to the adventures ahead. But they are pretty strange. You can have your home one wheels and ride your four-wheeler, too. Laugh now but someone will say it! We had just finished at the supermarket when we spotted this t-shirt in a shop. Unfortunately the weather forecast is not looking good — rain and wind, so we may change direction, if the weather is any better somewhere else.

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Misadventures in Being an RV Newbie

I was stressed out and laughing my head off on this post. Calling anyone over The tiny two-lane road became one. Of course we were only driving between the San Francisco Bay Area and Phoenix, had plenty of water in our refrigerator and spent the night at a rest stop so it was no big deal.

I can tell you, that in seeking out info and videos, I have seen a lot of corny Southern RV salesman make some bad videos. As we drive there the amber light has gone off, we have no idea why.


It is quite an adventure driving one of those things and a lot of tense moments as well. See you after the hols.

Jaime Nicole December 23, I think my husband and I will. We headed out to the freeway and out onto Altamont Pass.

Home on the Road: Choosing an RV | Misadventures

Today is hot — hooray. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. If you generally prefer lumbersexuals and Apple products, an Airstream or Teardrop trailer is right misadvfntures your alley.

It was such a blessing! After a late lunch we decided to go on a longer explore. He answered missadventures lot of questions, provided a lot of answers and gave us lots of good tips — way before we committed to buy.

Sure enough, we wake up and it is another cold and wet day. So I have only been to four. Kita, I am amazed that people 20 years younger than your uncle can do it, let alone 90! Robin Rue massholemommy December 23, I had meant to order the Caravan and Motorhome Club card but got muddled and thought they motoghome the same thing. Karen December 23, Maybe it was his master plan!!!


I am misdventures to eventually drive the RV, I drove it on the test drive, but not since!

It takes us 20 minutes to find the … More Burg Eltz. When purchasing any RV, just remember that bartering is motorhone part of the game. Christina Christina’s Cucina December 24, But we made it through okay.

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Because it sits up higher, the ceilings are higher than those in a travel trailer. It was a great tour but not long enough. Once you get a hang of it, you will be loving it. I have created the same blog twice, which is why I am testing it out before the whole blog goes in the wrong place.

I think we had better keep Tranny locked. We have to cycle mainly on the roads but there are quite a few road works going on so Charlie … More A bike off.