Cross was first introduced into the DJ community in Various times I fine tune my track and when I reloaded it later, the settings have reset back to the original. Google [Bot] , mister freezy and 12 guests. The ability to eject a track from the deck. This would also effect the pitch sliders assuming you don’t want more black. Is there are save button I am missing somewhere?

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If you click 3 times it’s synced to the master again which means it’s the same unless you changed master The problem is when I click it the 3rd time or 5th, stzble 7th, etc. This bug has to little impact to justify a full release cycle. You can fill the BPM manually in the collection grid. Fix SoundCloud playlist issue.

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Audio drop outs mean your latency is to low. Since its release init has become Mixvibes primary focus. We also fixed the Record issue on some device, the audio could be slow. Keep sending us emails at support mixvibes.


Thanks for using Cross DJ! In Cross the Aux input can be used for this kixvibes well as for recording. Mixvibes is pretty aware of RB if only because the initial versions are build by mixvibes. The best DJs deserve the best app! I really like the program, but as it hasn’t been developed in any way for years it is getting left behind and probably loosing a lot of faithful customers.

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So I pretty much wasted my time and money. If you click sync twice or more it doesn’t work full stop. I hope for mixvibes imxvibes, you pull your socks up and get a good stable update released very soon that blows all the others out the water!! If you have 4 outputs you can use external mixer mode for this.


Also, how do I get Cross to record the audio when I do a video mix? It’s a known problem for Mac users.

Am I doing something wrong? A Vertical waveform option. I use camera kit 3 that has built in power port. This version contains a few fixes and improvements. An option to be able to reduce the height of the deck waveforms This would also effect the pitch sliders assuming you don’t want more stabke.


This product is used throughout the turntable and scratch DJ community. Get it only once and use it on all your iOS devices.

So thanks for the explanation. I amending one of my mapping the other day and made a mistake, so I deleted it with in Cross and it delete the main MIDI file. And certainly puts in in many resources.

This software was Mixvibes’ main focus for many years and comes highly regarded within the scratch and turntablist community. This has to do with the way Cross syncs the samples 9. Or would it be the Preview mode that you hear. The issue with SoundCloud is now fixed! After hours of trying and ensuring I had the current Maybe if you go Toggle the external display, the other two video stalbe could be shown instead of the track covers on the decks??