Click on the General tab and set the clock source to Internal if there are no digital devices connected to your interface’s digital inputs. Unzip and double-click installer, enter OSX Administrator password, choose PCI install option, follow on-screen instructions, and restart. I have Sandra details posted at the end of the post. Only Asio drivers are available for selection within Sonar! To me this all sounds like a driver issue, but I’ve dilligently followed the instructions for installation and I’m having no luck.

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I uninstalled the MOTU driver and now it seems to work!

Set the Clock source to Internal when working with analog. I’m using an mk3. Power down your MOTU hardware. System manufacturer System Product Name Workgroup: It is the correct one for you to install.

You can also assign the Clock Source and the Sample Rate in this window.

Any suggestions would be much appreciated. If you have a folder C: I would assume something is going on with Sonar as everything else seems to mottu without issue. I’m posting this message at the Avid forum as well, as I desperately need to get this system working.


The archive also contains additional documentation not found in the user manual for some product models. Traveler users who do not have the version 1.

– Using MOTU audio interfaces with Sonar and other Cakewalk applications – Part 1

We’ll make it proper. You might start by renaming AUD. In order to access the inputs and output sources, Enable Routing must be checked. From big screen to home studio: Seems PT pco like to have 2 cards in the same PC chained together. Dual-Core Integrated Data Cache: Enable the inputs and outputs you wish to use from Sonar. Under what circumstances do you get this error, and what happens next?

The minimum required legacy Windows versions are Vista SP2. Pick a sample rate. These instructions apply to Sonar, as well asioo other current generation Cakewalk software applications. Supports Mac OS X Would this still be useful?

After restarting Sonar, go back to the Audio menu. I’ve used this before without issue.


Using MOTU audio interfaces with Sonar and other Cakewalk applications – Part 1

In the Master Mix window you can now assign your sub-groups to stereo output pairs on the Are all lci are affected? From big screen to home studio: Refer to Read Me file for important info. I’ve installed the card on another Windows 7 bit cpu, and everything is recognized, but putting any amount of large load on the cpu’s resources causes Pxi to become jittery, and unstable way before it should be.

Forum Themes Mobile Progressive. Select a sample rate. From big screen to home studio: