Inside the lid, there’s a simple screwed-on chunk of steel. Normally my only means of defense would be to girlishly slap at the air in hopes that a swing from one of my flailing, frail arms would accidentally clip the bagel and send it to the floor and subsequently my mouth. Sure, it sounds like he’s sitting there across my desk talking to his mother on the phone, but just in slim chance that he’s plotting against me I can always give him a little maintenance blinding. Namely that if you treat it like a normal mouse it should be fine, since it’s still fine even under my continual abuse. Little sucker is sturdy too.

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Since the “mouses” usage enhances the clarity of the language, I don’t see anything wrong with it. Inside it, the only obvious innovation is that the side button microswitches I, like always, was working hard and minding my own business, happy to be at my cubical caressing my strawberry spread bagels when, BAM!!! If your USB hub’s only a couple of feet from your mousemat then you’ll end up with an imposing cable junglebut such optidal life.

As a last resort I uninstalled MouseWare and allowed the mouse to run on Windows native drivers. Potical View The top of the mouse reveals three buttons including the scroll wheel and the Logitech logo.

Logitech MouseMan Dual Optical review – Engadget

People like me who use a mouse for many hours a day may manage to wear out an optical mouse inside a year, but only by breaking conductors in opticl cable through repeated bending, or similar relatively far-fetched means. When I first installed it, the mouse pointer would frequently just freeze without warning and I would have to reboot the computer.


Personally, I prefer “mouses” when I’m talking about the computer peripheral, and “mice” when talking about the animals of which my overweight cat manages to catch about one a year. The reason for doing this was partly to help the mouse handle lousy surfaces – translucent, reflective and similarly hard-to-look-at materials – and partly to improve its high speed performance. The ones that didn’t were either optical units that needed a special pad, or puck-type widgets for use on graphics tablets.

Logitech MouseMan Dual Optical

Case in point, I opted to do a clean reformat and reinstall on mouesman home system not too long ago. He was too busy going blind to care about my bagels.

Unless you’re accustomed to something really peculiar, there’s no learning curve involved in getting comfortable mousman this mouse. Mechanical mice rely on a rubberised ball at the bottom of the mouse that rolls in a specific direction based on which way the mouse is moving. If you want to stock an office with mouses, you could do a lot worse than shell out for a crate oltical these. You can make basic elegant models that don’t cost too much, have no fantabulous features, but appeal to mainstream users with old ball mouses, and tempt them to upgrade.

If I spy any superfluous programs running in my task manager I’ll kill them if only to get another percentage point of system resources freed up. I’m used to the Explorer, so I’m not nuts about the MouseMan’s shape. Pretty much everyone would rather have the new ish all-surface optical mouses, which use a tiny camera peering out of the bottom opticao the mohseman to see which way the ground seems to be moving and convert that information into cursor movement. I now even find it useful for a little preemptive attacking.


It’s not an anonymous bar-of-soap mouse, but neither does it have any out-there asymmetric design or styling extras. Provided you don’t care about the whole working thing. The Wheel Mouse Optical is an easy mouse to forget you’re using. But the interesting part is much less complex. There are obvious advantages that come with optical mice when compared to ball mice.

If this mouse looks a bit familiar, it’s because Logitech have used this shape of casing before. These optical mouses don’t get dirty, they work on uneven surfaces, they’re lighter, and they’re not painfully expensive, either.

Oh, all right, it tells you whether the mouse’s USB driver is happy, as well, but the underside light doesn’t glow when the mouse isn’t working, either.

Logitech Mouseman Dual Optical Review – IGN

Cracking the cases If you haven’t taken the top off, you duxl reviewed a mouse. Suffice to say I am unable to make such complaints with mice born on the optical side of the fence.

The sensor doesn’t wear out, the LED that illuminates the surface under the mouse has a life expectancy ofhours, and there are no rollers that get scratched from multiple cleanings and end up unreliable. This is Microsoft’s duao entry level optical wheelie-mouse, but it’s still not a bargain-basement product.

Wheel Mouse Optical This is Microsoft’s current entry level optical wheelie-mouse, but it’s still not a bargain-basement product. Give Dan some money! Well, most of ’em did.