Trouble shooting is testing against better parts to find the problem. And I’ll leave it to Hans, but I think he too will find something to say about the name and appearence. All this with Xilence W power supply! Your reply is the very same standard reply, blame the PSU. I guess you had a look-out for the system error messages? All items are fully tested and working unless otherwise specified.

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I will remove my PSU and apply that one into audii girlfriends system. I am still convinced that her PSU is fully enough for her system. I have not tried Windows XP on the system. You are lacking 12V amps to run that videocard, it’s as simple as that.

MSI MS-7367 User Manual: Mainboard Specifications

I use Xilence W in my system. We only offer signed for postal services. Vista found HDPro and requested to be rebooted. Please look in this topic and you will find the configuration of my system. My system for spec.

It also works if the XP driver is installed in Vista but then the Aero function of Vista does not work. If the PSU is to weak then her system should be unstable and causing craches not related to driver issues. It failed all the time. Well, we all tell you it’s a PSU problem. Everything is fully tested unless otherwise stated. Please check your tracking number using the couriers website as appropriate.


MSI K9AGM3 MS VER Socket AM2 Motherboard With BP (HDMI) Motherboards

Anyway, we will see him back when his W PSUs have exploded because of the constant overload they carry. Here is a list for the Silverstone W: When replacing the motherboard the system booted every time, even with the W PSU.

Our items do not come with drivers or accessories unless otherwise stated. She has the very same hardware no hardware has been replaced and will not be replaced as from the start and it is all working fine now. I think one should have an open mind.

Typical during the summer those el-cheapo PSU’s start giving problems. All payments must be clear before we will despatch any goods. I have removed everything than can cause problems, changed the BIOS settings in all ways I can figure out but nothing helps getting the system to run with HD grafic board. We might be able to borrow his and I will then not need to remove mine and bring it home to her.


It is fine for her system and the power is enough. My girlfriend has built her self a new PC. Vista was started in Fail safe mode and splashed that it had recovered from a seriuos system fault.

Warranty excludes items listed as spares and repairs, auxio for parts not working. When the current limiters is activated the voltage will decrease and cause the system to crash. We suggest a PSU up to about Bas’ specs below. That is what I know at present. We can only hand out tools to find it, we can’t give working solutions.

Yes Fredrik, one should have open mind! Watts is for real and have a big importance in the relationship.

We then made a clean installation of Vista Ultimate on my system, with her GeCube installed. You might try her PSU in your system.