I talked to them, and the instructions to change in the BIOS, don’t exist. Some judicious wiggling may get it released. Oh and I know someone will ask your PSU specs, so you might as well post them too. We had to check MSI’s website to discover the specs for it. So I loaded all the drivers for my hardware from the Manf. This is probably a good thing, as demonstrated by the scores from the benchmarks we did get to run.

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It’s got to be in my BIOS then. Posted on Oct 12, Be the first to answer. As for the loading the driver befor windows, try the manufactors Software that was included with your Sata Drive.

Yorkshire it’s grim oop north Registered: The chipset supports 8 USB 2. Posted on Sep 01, Be the first to answer. Equus needs to educate their techs raic. Only Option except run it in IDE mode. Answered on Nov 20, Early Sata controllers couldn’t do installations of OSs at all.


It’s good to see that there are at least a few micro-ATX products out there for users who want small cases but also want to keep their options open.

Support For FM3-V | Motherboard – The world leader in motherboard design | MSI Global

Sun Apr 25, 4: This is the first chance I’ve had to get back to report on this. Sat Apr 24, Is it even the right driver for my controller?

Answered on Sep 20, Pretty Simple to change over. I posed the same solution, and was told “just fix the BIOS”.

Get the manual from the link above for the MB. Extras included with the board are also sparse as you’d expect with a budget motherboard.

MSI 661FM3-V Free Driver Download (Official)

Don’t have a clue why the drivers I try to install at F6 don’t seem to want to work. It skips over some important things entirely, such as the nature of the integrated graphics solution.

You’d expect them to last more than 15 years! If so you need two identical HDDs. Raie may be drivers from the keyboard manufacturer that need to be loaded in Windows. Posted on May 05, Be the first to answer. I read someone had succes with those on the FM3-L.


MSI FM3-V onboard SATA controller issue

Or is there a switch on the board itself? Thanks, Racer You can’t. I would suggest judicious prying as well but that can lead to breakage. Also what HD exactly are you trying to install? Headers for the other four are found on the motherboard itself. Ie is there one for Raid and one for normal use part of the chipset?

This is probably a good thing, as demonstrated by the scores from the benchmarks we did get to run.

You also need to refer to the User Manual about that Processor your using.