Type what you are searching for and wait a second! Other bug subscribers Subscribe someone else. USB disconnect, address 2 [ User-Friendly interface with powerful functions. The software installed ok first time with no problems. Search in TV Streamers only. It looks like, if I’m disconecting the stick during the downloading of the firmware, next time I connect it, it’s good:

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One more thing maybe. This device uses a chipset that, as of date, is fairly mink and is not merged in the standard 2. To circumvent this problem, you need to prevent your machine from recognizing the usb-stick as a keyboard. This web page is Copyright Velo Systems Ltd.

Thanks for your help! I also noticed when I plug in the stick dmesgthat the firmware needed is dvb-usb-af See llnux activity log.

Manually, this is done by the command as root:. When, for some reason, the modules are gone deleted, overwritten with “sudo make install” U can put them back in their places.

Just follow the instructions there. Maybe it tries the different Firmware in cald-state.


MSI DigiVox mini II – LinuxTVWiki

Therefore, one would have to find the drivers from the v4l website. I had to reboot with the earlier kernel to compile and install.

Comments Questions Reviews Write new This receiver works really well on my Vista pc using the outside TV ariel. You may have to download the iu but that also depends on your distribution.

Re: [linux-dvb] MSI DigiVOX mini II v

It looks like, if I’m disconecting the stick during the downloading of the firmware, next time I connect it, it’s good:. Ha, still Xserver detects it as a Keyboard, but its working. Comment by Griv Doesnt work on Vista 64b Maybe a new installation would solve it, as it did for CypherDelic, but it should be an easier way, since this problem seems to be solved.

Here is what I did this should apply to any distribution: Hlangos can be emailed via user page. This bug affects 1 person. The driver can unfortunately not figure that out automatically since linuz devices have the very same ‘lsusb -v’-fingerprint. I couldn’t fix it. Everything seems to be fine, no dmesg errors when I plug it in and the dvb-usb-af module is also loading smooth.


LostinSpacetime lostinspacetime wrote on I followed the steps described in comment 6 and 7, but it’s still not working for me. This item is currently discontinued and at present, we have no replacement on order.

MSI DigiVOX mini II USB 2.0 DVB-T Receiver

Bug attachments lsmod with dgivox mini II v30 pluged in edit Add attachment. Click to checkout or to view or amend items. I can confirm that iii instructions at the German website, albeit in german: USB disconnect, address 2 [ If this is succesful you should get something like this on sudo lsmod grep af The software installed ok first time with no problems.

If I did make install, I had digiovx the support for the webcam uvcvideo.