Number of valid data bytes. I just need a few more buttons than my joystick provides. The format of each of these three types of packet are described in detail in the following sections. If you just “pick one”, you’ll be stepping on someone else’s VID that they paid for. For more details, consult the source code for MSPDebug in fet. Data bytes always N bytes starting at 0x In this example, the reply is in response to a “get context” command 0x

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Note that the first byte of the payload matches the first byte of the command that prompted the reply. Oh well, another idea bites the dust.

An example command packet is shown and described below: Command packets Command packets are sent to endpoint 0x01 on the device to instruct usb-exampel to perform some action, or to retrieve information. HID does not take advantage of the full USB bus bandwidth; bulk communication can be much faster, but requires a driver.

Transfers whose length is larger than 48 must be padded to a multiple of 64 bytes. They are, as far as I can tell:. In regards to the Cypress device, start here: I can’t give more details due to an NDA, but check out the module: An example command packet is shown and described below:.


Quick Links Categories Recent Udb-example. Therefore it can be a good choice to select HID as device class, especially if easy-of use is important and achieving the best communication speed is not a requirement.

I don’t need all usb-exampoe fancy USB host capabilities, because I’m nothing but a slave device with a single minded purpose. Command packets These are used to instruct the device to perform some action.

All I want is to be a USB HID slave device — Parallax Forums

I don’t use SimpleIDE; is it a clickable option there? An example showing the packet extracted from the above data is shown below: The format ksb-example each of these three types of packet are described in detail in the following sections. An example showing the packet extracted from the above data is shown below:. The software can map upwards of buttons to whatever function.

I know of a recent product with almost identical requirements that was accomplished with a Cypress microcontroller and Adafruit’s Bluefruit HID module. An example of this type of packet is shown and described below: But if you can program in C I’m pretty sure you could cec/hid a windows program to send fake keyboard presses to OS.

These are HID devices communicating with an application program. msp403

LCM Ludewig Chemische Mittel | Msp usb api programmer’s guide ~~

An example of a reply sent via multiple transfers from the device is shown below: All I want is low speed HID slave device communication. It could potentially save up to 14K of hubram; the most it’s ever saved me is 7K, which is enough that I think many would be interested.


It presents itself as an HID class interface and has two interrupt endpoints 0x01 for output, 0x81 for input. I want to make such a box of buttons.

USB protocol

Reply packets The device transfers replies from endpoint 0x This protocol was defined for the handling of devices which are used by humans to control the operation of computer systems. But everyone seems hell bent on being full blown full speed host controllers.

There is no such thing as a general purpose VID that us small fry can use. Components Components required to use the HID class: Since they are delimeted by 0x7e bytes either side, certain quoting rules must be used for usb-examplf payloads: Upon discovering this, I found various websites discussing this very problem.