In this case, dongle password is 3C The following steps are original here http: Is it something wrong? Hello, I need your help.. Last edited by rosper: Best regards Last edited by rosper: In my case, dongle password is F:

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Please carefully read readme. I noticed that his PC was installed Windows 7 64 bit Professional. Find all posts by Git. Was disused 10x times already. Find all posts by Marc If your OS is 64 bit, then open folder MultiKey64 and do as follows:.

MyITdiary: [to be completed] How to clone a HASP HL dongle

If you program used the HASP you should now see text. Download necessary tools Download necessary tools here https: This will generate a registry key to the same directory as your dump.

However, I cannot make it work out this reg file I generated. If you have any problem, please drop a comment. Put it in a text file, zip it up and post it as one or more attachments to your message.


Skip to navigation Personal tools Log in. Send a private message to prp. Hi I was reading posts and searching and I think I almost near.

PRP – do you have that certificate please?

Emulate HASP HL Pro

Everything else I think I can adapt it for the new reg file as follow: I’ve got this of previous version almost working: For example, how can I obtain Option tag? Reverse Engineering Team – Archive – Top. Thanks for reading and for helping.

For example, my dongle password is F: I installed – sentinel drivers latest verreg file with key and Driver Signature. Is it any way to figure out the correct “SN” of a dongle key for reg file?

Find all posts by youcef It can dump HASP key and create registry file for you altogether.

In my case, dongle password is F: Search Site only in current section. Input in the textbox [C: Find all posts by jabrix. Select [Sign a System File] and click Next button. Thank a lot for a great tutorial. Is it something wrong?


How to install HASP MultiKey USB Dongle Emulator on Windows 7 64 bit

With the usb hasp connected, go into the application that requires the hasp and perform an action that requires the multioey in the machine. Great thanks to rengteam.

I searched on Internet and read many web pages regarding dongle emulator.